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    Product Name: Melanotan II
    Appearance: Lyophilized White Powder
    Purity: Above 98.00% +
    Specification: 10mg/vial
    Standard: Pharmaceutical Grade
    Application Type: For Injection Usage
    Storage: Store Lyophilized Protein at -20 °C
    Stability: 2-3 Years
    Supplying Form: Freeze-Dried Powder in Vial
    Min Order: 10 vial

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    99% MT2 Human Growth Melanotan Peptides white Powder Melanotan 2 for Tanning

    Melanotan II Details:

    Product Name: Melanotan II; MT-2
    Cas No.: 121062-08-6
    Purity (HPLC):98.0%
    Appearance: White powder

    Melanotan II Description:

    Melanotan II (also known as MT-II or MT-2) is an injectable peptide hormone used topromote tanning. MT-II works by stimulating alpha-melanocyte receptors, which promotesformation of melanin in response to sun exposure. When a substantial amount of MT-II hasbeen taken within recent “memory” of the skin cells, an individual tans as if he were agenetically darker type.

    Melanotan II Application & Effects:

    1) MT2 and PT-141 have been studied has potential remedy for the treatment of sexual dysfunction; specifically, male erectile dysfunction.

    2) MT2 has the effects exhibit appetite suppressant, and libido-enhancing effects in addition to promoting skin tanning, lipolytic, MT2 makes you tan darker very quickly.

    Melanotan II Dosage:

    Starting dose: Your first injection should be a very small dose, for example .25mg (250mcg).See how you react. Goal should be to feel nothing. Dose after dinner, before bed. Any dosingchart stating that you should take a high dose (according to your weight) is outdated andpotentially dangerous.

    Loading dose: Load with 0.5-1mg once a day. continue with daily injections until you arehappy with the color of your tan. Don’t worry if you miss occasional days. It will not makemuch difference, focus on the cumulative effects.Maintenance dose: Maintenance is taking doses less frequently than daily to avoid becomingdarker than you want. inject your Melanotan II dose just 2-3 times per week .Yes, that willhappen. With enough UVR, you will get much darker than you have even been before.

    Cessation: You can continue the maintenance dosing indefinitely; however, if you choose tostop your Melanotan II injections, your tan will fade back to its pre-Melanotan II shade in 1-2months.

    The Steps To Make Melanotan 2 Injections:

    1: Take an alcohol swab to the stopper of both your peptide vial and the vial of the dilutent.

    2: With a 1ml (1cc) syringe and draw your preferred dilutent. Choose an amount that will makemeasuring the final product simple.1ml(cc) per 10mg vial of Melanotan would mean each 10 mark on a U100 slin syringe wouldequal 1mg of Melanotan

    3: Take the syringe with the dilutent and push it into the vial of lyophilized powder letting thedilutent dissolve the peptide.

    4: After all of the dilutent has been added to the vial, gentling swirl until the lyophilized powderhas dissolved and a clear liquid remains. The peptide is now ready for use. Store reconstitutedpeptide in the refrigerator.

    Peptide Series:
    No.Product NameSpecification
    1.MGF2 mg/vial
    2.PEG-MGF2 mg/vial
    3.CJC-1295 with DAC2 mg/vial
    4.CJC-1295 without DAC2 mg/vial
    5.PT-14110 mg/vial
    6.MT-110 mg/vial
    7.MT-210 mg/vial
    8.GHRP-210 mg/vial
    9.GHRP-25 mg/vial
    10.GHRP-610 mg/vial
    11.GHRP-65 mg/vial
    12.Ipamorelin2 mg/vial
    13.HGH Fragement 176-1912 mg/vial
    14.TB5002 mg/vial
    15.Pentadecapeptide BPC 1572 mg/vial
    16.SNAP-81 mg/vial
    17.Hexarelin2 mg/vial
    18.Sermorelin2 mg/vial
    19.Myostatin GDF-82 mg/vial
    20.Selank5 mg/vial
    21.Epitalon10 mg/vial
    22.Oxytocin2 mg/vial
    23.Triptorelin2 mg/vial
    24.Tesamorelin2 mg/vial
    25.Gonadorelin2 mg/vial
    26.Gonadorelin10 mg/vial
    27.DSIP2 mg/vial
    28.Follistatin 3441 mg/vial
    30.Follistatin 3151 mg/vial
    31.AOD-96042 mg/vial
    32.ACE 0311 mg/vial

    Purchase Notes:

    1). All orders are guaranteed 100% success delivery;
    2). All orders will have tracking number to trace online;
    3). All orders will be sent out within 24hrs after payment (weekend is not included);
    4). All products unit prices are fluctuating automatically according to order quantity,the more quantities,the lower prices;
    5). Anyone wants order sent by DHL,TNT or FedEx,you can contact us directly by email,specific shipping cost will be quoted for you;
    6). All orders can be shipped to following countries: UK, Canada, U.S.A, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, England, United States, Russia, China, Singapore, Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Greece, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, Iran, Ukraine, Czech, Houston and Worldwide.

    How To Order Quickly And Safely:

    Step 1 (Inquiry)Please let me know the items you are favorable, quantities, and the destination country.
    Step 2 (Offer)We offer you price and the suitable shipping method for your reference.
    Step 3 (Negotiation)We will negotiate price, terms of payment, transport, delivery time, arrival time, destination of the goods and after-sales service.
    Step 4 (Order)After receiving your order, we will check it and get prepared for it.
    Step 5 (Payment)Please confirm the order and pay money 100% in advance, then send us the detailed receipt or screenshot of payment for confirmation
    Step 6 (Package & Delivery)Please send us the receiver’s detail address information, including contacting person/company, address, mobile number, ZIP code.

    Parcel will be arranged within 24 hours upon receipt of your payment.

    Photos will be offered to tell apart the products.

    Step 7 (Tracking number)The tracking number will be provided the same day as the parcel shipped out. Tracking information will be trackable 2 days later, because the parcel has to be shipped to Hongkong CHINA first, and then wait for the flight.
    Step 8 (After-Sales Service)Within the terms of the contract, If there is any problem about the goods quality, quantity, we will assure you to make you satisfied with the results.

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